Professor Who Called on White People to Kill Themselves: I was Just Trying to “Offend” People

Author’s note: Again, while we might disagree with Dr. Kotsko’s statements, there is no excuse to harass him online. Do not bother him on his Twitter feed or website.

Responding to criticism, Professor Adam Kotsko, who stated publicly on Twitter that white people “should commit mass suicide,” now says that he was joking.

His “suicide” comment came after Kotsko unironically said that white people, even those born 150 years after slavery ended in the US and whose ancestors never owned slaves, are still “complicit” in slavery. Dr. Kotsko has expressed surprise that his ironic statement was not picked up as satire, despite the fact that he repeatedly defended his previous, equally-ridiculous comment.

“A reasonable person,” according to Kotsko, would be able to see which one of the following tweets was “ironic” (one of which was ironic, and the rest serious). See if you can tell the difference between his “serious” and “joking” posts:

This one refers to the Charlie Hebdo newspaper being attacked:

“Whiteness” exists only to “subordinate and exploit other races:”

Attacking Darren Wilson months after the case was put to bed, and despite the State Department, Grand Jury, testimony, and witnesses all saying that he killed in self-defense:

Saying that all whites are “complicit” in slavery:

Defending it here:

And saying this:

Give up? The very last tweet was “ironic,” the rest were serious.

Reminiscent to YouTube “pranksters” who steal people’s iPhones, then yell “prank, prank” when they are being chased, Dr. Kotsko also went on to say that, while he wasn’t serious, he was trying to “offend” people:
I was in dialogue with an obviously bad-faith interlocutor on the subject of race, who clearly wanted to bait me into saying something “offensive,” and out of frustration, I decided I’d give them something to cry about and say something really “offensive” — scare quotes intended.

Despite this assumption towards a complete stranger on the internet, Dr. Kotsko’s very next paragraph begins hilariously that the only people who were offended were people who “believe the absolute worst of a total stranger.”

Update: Writing on his site today, Dr. Kotsko accepted some fault in his comment, saying, “It’s likely that if I had chosen to engage in dialogue rather than gotten impatient, one of my interlocutors would have volunteered the “mass suicide” consequence themselves. I decided to head them off at the pass, which in retrospect was a bad choice.”

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  1. Poor guy. He obviously intelligent, but is suffering from an undiagnosed and untreated psychosis.

    1. 'ats himpersonal hat

  2. I think it's just a matter of social awkwardness. There are many brilliant people who have no idea how to interact with others, without sounding like total freaks.

  3. this is unrepentantly stupid– run this logic ad infinitum: Should I, as a German, despise those of Latin descent since Rome tortured, killed, and enslaved the Gauls thousands of years ago? Or should those of Latin descent despise those of Germanic descent since it was the Gauls who ultimately doused the glory that was Rome? Are these two examples not valid since they're so far removed from the present day? Is this to say that there is a time limit under which my profiting from or being disadvantaged by these examples "expires"? When does that come? Are the sins of the fathers always carried by the sons? If my father was an unrepentant racist scoundrel and I spend my life studying sociology and the implications of institutionalized racism am I still completely marginalizing people of all different races? If "white guilt" is required of all whites regardless of slave ownership will we ever begin to reconcile the disparity which institutionalized racism perpetuates? Sociological ideals and definitions of "racism" fall apart when translated into reality… Appalling


    He cannot even TRY to support his basic stance.

  5. Are *you* being facetious in saying his final tweet isn't obviously facetious? How is his jest not blatantly transparent

    1. That's exactly what I was thinking. He is visibly not black, this man is not saying we SERIOUSLY should all commit mass suicide. What a ridiculous article.

    2. It's not so much the exact words as it is the blatant implication that white people should feel guilty for having skin. No facetiousness there…

  6. I wish the professor the best of luck in the recovery from his traumatic head injury.

  7. Professor pussy should lead by example and off himself first.

  8. Repent, and seek Salvation! Time is short.

  9. Funnily enough, if he weren't a liberal, he'd probably be fired now.

  10. "No guys, I was just trolling, and you fell for it! That's exactly what I wanted!"
    *sweats nervously*

  11. No Adam, fuck you, you're just backpedalling like the retard you are because you found out right away that everyone disagreed with your stupidity. If you think all white people should kill themselves, do it yourself and leave everyone else out of your false white guilt BS.