NY Times Contributor: Whiteness Must be “Abolished”

Myles E. Johnson, who the New York Times lists as a “contributing writer” and children’s-book author, argued last week that whiteness must be “abolished” because it is inherently “greedy” and “can’t create anything on its own.”

This, as well as other racially-charged comments, were written publicly by Johnson last week.

“Whiteness is greedy,” Johnson wrote on the 16th, “and it even arrives in language. White people’s use of the N-word is to show there is no place they can’t arrive.”

Eventually, Johnson argued, that “whiteness” will always try to “show dominance” and “it will always be there until it is abolished b/c whiteness can’t create anything on its own. it needs to steal/perpetuate greed to survive:”
At other times, Johnson has made a number of racially-tinged accusations, including that white people are all dishonest:
And that white people are just “awful:”
Johnson’s children’s book is called “Large Fears” and details an African American child’s wish to travel to Mars. This year he also wrote an article published in the New York Times about Beyoncé.


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  1. Come and take it, Myles. Come and take it.

  2. I'm white. Come abolish me. I dare you. You and all of your safe-space, puppy needing, play-doe loving social justice warriors. I'm a warrior. I don't war with words. You are starting something you don't want to start.

  3. Just another racist Sharpton deciple.

  4. And as usual the Fake News Media doesn't consider this extremism to be racist or anything. Of course not. It's only "rayciss" when whites do it.

  5. This people are trying to normalize genocidal language pure and simple. They know how this sounds to the disgruntled, it is a signal that crimes and hate against white people are ok.
    The Nazis didn't use the same terms, but effectively persuaded the public the jews didn't deserve their wealth before they started locking them up and killing them. Have no doubt, these people wish to do the same and are taking the first steps to turn up the heat.

  6. Whiteness Must be "Abolished".
    Blackness must be abolished,
    Brownness should be abolished.

    Wake up people don't fall for it. don't get hipped up about it.
    They want us to fight each other so they can go to bank.

  7. No, the "Jew"-ness of the "JEW" YORK TIMES, NEEDS TO BE ABOLISHED!