YouTuber Releases “PSA” to Let People Know “All White People are Racist”

YouTuber “Sensei Aishitemasu” has released a video, which she calls a Public Service Announcement, to let everyone know that “all white people are racist.”

“All white people are products of a racist, white supremacist system, and therefore are indoctrinated with racist, white supremacist teachings,” she explains.
“Dear white people,” she continues, “You are not omega level mutants able to control things with your mind. You are not Jean Gray. You have been born into this racist, sexist, capitalist, white supremacist society and from birth you have been imbued with its beliefs.”

She then brings microaggressions up, saying, “Why are you comfortable telling me #notallwhites but you’re not comfortable telling your fellow white people #notallblacks? Because deep down, even if it’s just on a subconscious level, you have a superiority complex. You think you are better than me and you have a right to come in my black space and try to ‘correct’ me. This is a racist microaggression and it’s a form of white supremacy.”

You can watch the video below:


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