Yahoo Article Asks Parents to Teach Sons that Females are Victims of Society

In an article published in Yahoo, “11 Things to Teach Your Teen Sons About Girls” asks parents to teach their sons that girls are victims of society.

Written by Soraya Chemaly, the piece says when boys turn 10, they should be taught the following lessons, some of which are demonstratively false:

1. Just as your physical horizons are expanding, those of the girls you know are usually shrinking, something that girls have as much interest in as you would if it happened to you.

2. Rape is prevalent, real and girls have to think about it. Most boys do not have to think about being raped, or adapt their behavior.

3. You have the luxury of laughing off sexual double standards.

4. Girls, and a lot of the LGTBQ kids you know, are being harassed regularly in public.

5. Traditional school dress codes and enforcement of dress codes are optimized to ensure, for the most part, that you aren’t “distracted,” by girls.

6. You will be paid more for your work, because you are male.

7. Girls do not accumulate cultural credits from seeing themselves represented in culture that you do.

8. People are more likely to believe you, think you are competent, and to let you speak uninterrupted.

9. When you experience pain, doctors will take you seriously and not say it’s all in your head or, worse, your own fault.

10. You may not be having a lot of sex, but male sexual entitlement in our culture is real and a problem for the girls you know.

11. Lastly, to state an obvious one, girls cannot walk away from pregnancies or their outcomes.



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