University Art Gallery Features Goggles that Show “Violence of Whiteness”

A new series of prints by Roger Peet debuted this month at the Portland State University Littman Gallery. To get the full experience of the gallery, visitors wear “whiteness goggles.”

The lenses in the goggles are colored red. The pictures in the gallery are a combination of black and white photos and ones that are red. Peet claims these are different “versions of whiteness.” Put on the goggles, and the red images disappear.

For example, in one picture, Katy Perry is shown “culturally appropriating” Japanese culture in black and white. Behind her, in red, is a nuclear explosion, referencing the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki:
All of the images follow the same pattern: the black and white photo is “cultural appropriation” and the red one is “white violence.” Here are a few more examples from the gallery:


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  1. They love their white guilt, don't they?

  2. So does this "artist" believe that a black guy wearing pants is "cultural appropriating"? What about a Japanese person wearing cowboy boots? Or a baseball cap?


  3. Why am I not surprised by a racist trying to enlighten us about racism?

  4. I am going to need Koreans to give up ballet, Chinese to give up the symphony, blacks to give up golf and Indians to give up Western attire. We need to end the appropriation of European cultural property!

  5. Dusquene WhistlerJuly 17, 2015 at 12:54 PM

    Without special goggles I can see the Violence Of Blackness just by turning on the evening news.

  6. Based on numerical evidence from across centuries and around the world, violence is perpetrated by governments, theocratic as secular. More than 100 million dead courtesy of various versions of 20th socialism alone. The Left is in a panic, and this latest entry into the culture wars of the socialists is merely another attempt to point the finger away from themselves. Just as today's shrieking about race and gender "oppression" in some American media and through Leftist academics and artists, the simple and rising awareness is that sexual slavery is being practiced today while feminists are mute, genocide all the while the Left is generally silent, and blame is being apportioned to some few events in history without seeing the larger tapestry of history in which ideas such as the Left promotes have been fuel for some of the greatest oppression in recent history. The feeble attempt to sell white guilt is pointing out black non-guilt being sold in huge doses. It becomes time to defund public universities, as well as the supposedly "National" and "Public" Radio. Ideas should be able to sell themselves without subsidies. Those requiring subsidy prove themselves ready to succumb to an open marketplace of ideas.

    1. Nice comment. Well stated.