UConn Coach: Americans “Sexist” for not Liking Womens Sports as Much as Mens

Geno Auriemma, the coach of UConn’s female basketball team, is calling Americans sexist for not supporting women’s sports as much as men’s. However, Americans will watch individual women, just not teams.

Auriemma explained, “Generally speaking, the American public is just so sexist when it comes to women’s sports,” he said. “The American public, they’ll watch Serena Williams, they’ll watch women’s tennis. Why? Because it’s individual. It’s fascinating. They’ll watch swimming in the Olympics. They’ll watch gymnastics. They’ll watch figure skating, but they’re not gonna watch team sports in women’s sports.”
He then called out women for being sexist against women, continuing, “And the worst part? Women who bitch and moan all the time about not getting any respect do a horrible job of supporting women’s sports at the gate with their money. They’re the first ones to complain that women don’t get treated equally, yet they’re the last ones to buy tickets.”

Mr. Auriemma has won 10 national championships and is arguably the most well-known coach of a female sports team.


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