Third Largest Bank in Australia to give Female Employees Extra $500 Annually to Fight “Pay Gap”

ANZ, Australia’s third largest bank, will be giving its female employees an extra $500 because “women earn less than men.”

According to an official release on the bank’s website, female employees at ANZ will get an extra $500 annually simply for being a woman.

“On average,” the site explains, “women earn less than men, and because super is a percentage of your salary, that means less super… Doesn’t really seem fair, does it?”
For that reason, “ANZ will make an additional $500 super contribution to every fixed-term and permanent female employee each year from 8 January 2016.”

Joyce Phillips, ANZ’s “Wealth CEO,” explains, “These initiatives are all about supporting the future financial well-being of our staff.”

Women should earn extra money for being female, she continued, because, “for many of our staff, the extra $500 each year is a good start to bridging [the pay] gap.”


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  1. The pay gap doesn't exist. Or at least, it didn't. And now it does, because now women are paid more than men.

  2. So if a male and female work the exact same job at ANZ bank, the female will now receive $500 extra in the super annual.

    And this is "fair". Right. This bust be some use of the word fair that I am unaware of.

  3. This is a simple PR stunt. It has nothing to do with fairness. If they are wage-discriminating based on gender, they should stop. It is not more complicated than that…