Teen Vogue Contributor: “White People are Evil. Whiteness is Evil”

Social justice activist, Teen Vogue contributor, and self-described “Desi-Kenyan Feminist” Lara Witt declared on Saturday that “white people are evil” and “whiteness is evil.” Her claims came on Twitter and follow a number of racially charged tweets that Witt has authored.

Ms. Witt’s “white people are evil” tweet came after she posted an article to the Guardian, which detailed a young woman whose mother told her she was white, despite the fact that she was African American.

“My take away from this,” Ms. Witt wrote, “white people are so used to being the neutral, the default that they would deny their own child the truth.”

She then continued:
This follows a number of racially-charged comments on Twitter, in which Ms. Witt wrote about people who are bi-racial, being a “pain dumpster” for white women, and wishing for a “whiteness-free zone” to relax:


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  1. Zimbabwe is pretty much a white free zone. Go there.

  2. We used to have segregation. Black people demanded that we end it. Make up your minds, you can't have it both ways.

  3. Whites aren't the ones objecting to segregation. We welcome it.

    1. Nooot. Whites still don't like integration many Africans as well, never did.

  4. Maybe someone should break it to Ms. Witt: sweetie, you're WAY more white than you are black. Maybe your issue is that you're suffering from Dunnings-Kruger Syndrome?

  5. Man, if I said I needed a black free zone to calm down, people loke her would try to lynch me.