Student Expelled from College for Tweeting the Word “Psycho,” “Bitch”

A University of Kansas student, Navid Yeasin, has been expelled for tweeting the words “psycho” and “psycho bitch.”

Yeasin and his ex-girlfriend, who is also a student, had a dispute while they were going to KU. Because of that, KU imposed a “no-contact order” on Yeasin, but apparently not his girlfriend.

Some time later, Yeasin tweeted the words “psycho” and “psycho bitch.” These tweets, however, did not have his ex-girlfriend’s name in them, nor were they visible to her.
Kansas used this against Mr. Yeasin and expelled him. After taking KU to court over their decision, the case now sits in front of the Kansas Court of Appeals.

Asked why KU’s actions did not violate the First Amendment, KU’s lawyer stated, “you can’t persist by retaliating and harassing her, seeking to alienate her.”


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