Seattle University Holds “No Boys Allowed” Day to Teach Girls about Math, Science

Seattle University banned males from attending their “No Boys Allowed” this past Saturday, instead focusing on teaching hundreds of girls about math and science.

Jen Sorensen, the program’s organizer and chemistry professor at Seattle University, said banning boys from attending wasn’t meant to be exclusionary. “We’re not trying to exclude boys,” she said, “We’re trying to provide an opportunity for girls who might not even realize these career opportunities are available to them.”
“I think there’s no boys so it can teach girls no matter what gender you are, you can still be what you want to be,” said a 6th grader. “You can be smart.”

“I’m glad to have a day without boys,” an 8th grader added.

Seattle University has no plans to hold a “no girls allowed” day to teach boys about things that girls would normally learn.


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  1. OF COURSE they have no plans to hold a "no girls allowed day" for boys.