“Racialised” College Group Warns Whites: “Your Race is Taking Up Space and Silencing Others”

The “Racialised Students’ Collective” of Ryerson University is warning “whites/non-racialised people” that their “race and ethnicity is taking up space and silencing others.” The Social Memo was the first site to report on the campaign.

In February, they held a “racial micro aggression campaign” and posted these pictures online:
In March they held a meeting to create “anti-racism” on campus:

Now, the RSC is telling white people that their “race and ethnicity is taking up space and silencing others:”
According to the Racialised Student Collective, simply being white is oppressive to people, even if you do not speak or act in a racist manner. They judge you poorly based completely on the color of your skin and regardless of your actions.

RSC’s catchphrase is “say no to racism.”


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  1. So sayeth the rabid racists.

  2. There is an answer that the Racialized Student Collective have to white people taking up space and silencing others.

    (It is, of course, a Final Answer)

    (Think: Auschwitz)

  3. So, your answer to Racism is, Racism? Reverse racism is still racism. Being University students, I would have thought spell check would be included in your tuition because that's not how you spell Radicalized.

    1. It's not reverse anything. Racism is racism period.

  4. I'm sure they would be welcomed in any African black run hell hole country they choose to move to. Useful idiots, come in all flavors and some even smile while being used.

  5. Better hope you really don't get what you're wishing for.
    It's all fantasy classroom children's games.

    If you screw this up (you are) It will be back to the fields..

  6. So you consider yourselves "racialized" now do you?!? Well this white un-hyphenated Canadian is now "racialized" because we are sick and tired of political correction aimed at whites and being continually poked at.

  7. They should be posting long overdue thank-you notes instead. I'd recommend something like this;
    Dear White People,
    Thank you for lifting millions like me out of the barbarism and squalor of the 3rd world and into the light of Western Civilization.

    I'd say we've earned it.

  8. So ALL races are OK except "White"… although "White" is a minority… of the worlds' races.

  9. "White Privilege" is the Racist excuse your failure is based on a pigmentation based conspiracy theory. Maybe you just Suck?

  10. I agree. And to make sure I don't intrude on your racialized space, I promise to never hire you.

  11. This is what happens when we pretend Ryerson is a real university

  12. Do all lower class reactionaries carry their brains around in their skin the way these people do?

  13. Whenever I have to deal with these kind of racists I simply pull what I call the "Irish card" which in my experience shuts them down immediately because a good portion of the black community does undertand what kind of raw deal the Crown has dealt the Irish for literally centuries. The poor students in this group are being goaded and miseducated. Worse they are being used as unwitting pawns in a game they have no idea about. So much for education being a path for enlightenment and liberty. Seems to me the students are being culled for the neo/wage slavery that is the current basis of this economy.

  14. Contentious black racists and I bring their colour to bear because that seems to be their most valued accomplishment . People are trying to be engaging, and kind and find it awkward. Perhaps they'd just like to be shunned or ignored, it seems to fit their personalities of people I would not care to know at all. They have to really understand that melanin is not an accomplishment and for the larger part of society, most could care less what colour someone is. Now that their faces and names are well known, good luck getting a job, you're now in the databases of thousands of companies as undesirables and racists, and perhaps Ryerson should find itself there as well as it clearly supports racism on any scale.

  15. Do these folks every stop to ask themselves what might happen should white people ever stop being willing to be "warned" and demonized?

  16. I'm seriously thinking of levying a human rights charge against this group and Ryerson for entertaining a racist group on campus while pretty much invoking a hatred against whites. I'm sick and tired of this American insanity and even less impressed this white privilege condemnation has made it this far north. Somebody has to put a bloody stop to this cultural elitism and minority prejudice! This isn't anti-racism, its racism period and their poster pretty much says it all. When you invoke colour and condemnation in the same sentence, you're committing racism. Quote: simply being white is oppressive to people. Oppressive? You have no meaning of the word.

  17. The lines are drawn in the wrong place. Learn to identify the destructive personality disorders of Narcissists / Sociopaths / Psychopaths.
    If you have their traits, stop it. Narcissism is the gateway drug, natural but addictive. I think it persists partly by epigenetics, too (sins-of-the-father).
    If you live / work with / are related to one, expose them SAFELY if you can. Do NOT enable / support / hire / vote for them ANY MORE.

  18. Here's my sign. It says…..

    N!gger Please.