Professor Includes “Trigger Warning” in World History Syllabus

Teaching World History in the Fall of 2014, Professor Zayna N. Bizri felt the need to include a trigger warning on her syllabus. A professor at George Mason University, Bizri is a PhD candidate and has a Masters in “Military and Gender History.”

Bizri included a trigger warning for her World History students, afraid that the materials in her class might be uncomfortable for some students.
She writes, “Trigger Warnings: Several of the assigned sources can be upsetting and disturbing. To a degree, this is the point of reading them – learning is an uncomfortable process. If you have specific triggers, please let me know and I will note assignments accordingly.”

Such “triggering” will not mean that students don’t need to do the assignment, but that Bizri is giving her students “the tools to complete the assigned work.”

15% of the class grade is also based on your ability to create and Twitter account and converse using it.


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