Ohio State Prof: Most Problems in US Traced to White Peoples’ “Low Standards”

Koritha Mitchell, an associate Professor of English at Ohio State University, has declared that most problems in the United States “can be traced” to “our country’s standards for white people.”

Professor Mitchell wrote this on her personal website; her specific article was titled, “Low Standards for Whites. That’s What’s Killing Us.”

“It doesn’t take much at all for a white person to be considered good,” Mitchell argues. “As long as they avoid killing someone themselves, no one is going to demand anything else of them. Whites don’t need to do anything decent for anyone.”

Most white people contribute little to society, Professor Mitchell writes, nor do they do things that help the “common good.”
“White mediocrity is very much linked to violence against people of color,” she adds. “Whiteness is a powerful set of beliefs that yield material outcomes… Whiteness (and the racism it facilitates) are not personal. That’s why a white man or woman doesn’t have to do anything particularly well to end up with above-average success.”

Professor Mitchell continues, “We know that this is a racist country, that if history is taught the way it has always been taught, then white students will have role models and a sense of pride.”

Additionally, the United States is “heterosexist.”

Mitchell concludes her article, “Being white shouldn’t be enough to be considered good. Low expectations for white people. That’s what’s killing us. Please, do better.”


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  1. Yea,because "standards" for blacks ans Latinos are soooo superior to standards for whites…riiiiight !

    Robbins Mitchell

  2. I expect all minorities would have to do is avoid killing people and they'd do well too

  3. Marx was white. Engels was white. Kaiser Wilhelm was white. Hitler was white. Stalin was white. Babeuf was white. John Wilkes Booth was white. Lee Harvey Oswald was white. George Soros is white. Cecile Richards is white. Rahm Emanuel is white. Nancy Pelosi is white. Charles Schumer is white. Dick Durbin is white. Michael Moore is white. Meryl Streep is white. Justin Trudeau is white. Tony Blair is white. Leonardo di Caprio is white. Michael Mann is white. Al Gore is white. One could play this game for hours.

  4. This professor does not see how Liberalism is tearing our nation apart because of all the justification of wrongdoing by Liberals. You know, lying, cheating, smearing, hateful, and trying to force everyone to accept these horrible standards as normal? How insane.