NY Town Emblem Called “Racist” for Depicting “Friendly Wrestling Match”

The emblem of Whitesboro, NY is under fire from people who do not understand the symbol’s origin.

According to Al Jazeera, people are up in arms from what they interpret as a fight between a white man and a Native American. Comments claimed that the symbol shows “a white dude. Choking out. An American Indian:”
However, in 2009, Whitesboro’s Mayor Richard Pugh discussed the emblem to clear up common misconceptions about it. The “white dude” is, in fact, the founder of Whitesboro, Hugh White. According to the town’s history, White wrestled a local Native American that ended up garnering White respect from the local Indian tribe.

It wasn’t an actual fight, Pugh said, and described the match as a “legendary, friendly wrestling match.”

“It’s a seal that takes a little explaining,” Pugh admitted, but history and facts are more important than what the image, at first, might appear to show.

This still has not stopped people from calling for a change or the removal of the seal.


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