NY Times: Ellen Pao Forced from Reddit Because of Sexism, Do Not Mention Uproar Over Victoria Taylor Firing

The New York Times blamed sexism for the departure of Ellen Pao of Reddit, claiming, “It’s Silicon Valley 2, Ellen Pao 0: Fighter of Sexism Is Out at Reddit.”

The article begins, “Ellen Pao became a hero to many when she took on the entrenched male-dominated culture of Silicon Valley. But sentiment is a fickle thing. Late Friday she fell victim to a crowd demanding her ouster as chief executive of the popular social media site Reddit.”

However, the Times intentionally forgets to mention that the “crowd demanding her ouster” gained traction after a woman was fired from Reddit, Victoria Taylor.
“The dispute at Reddit, which arose from the dismissal of a well-liked employee earlier this month, drew much of its intensity from Ms. Pao’s lawsuit — and her gender,” the Times reports.

The Times reports that, somehow, many sexist “Redditors” hated Ms. Pao because she was a woman. At the same time, however, these same Redditors defended Ms. Taylor… despite the fact that she was a woman.

It further, and casually, dismisses the decision of a jury, which ruled that Ms. Pao’s famed discrimination suit against her former employer had no merit. “Her gender discrimination case,” the Times reports, “years in the making, failed to sway a jury, but did reveal a community that casually tolerated an atmosphere where machismo was prized and women often seemed to be relegated to secondary roles.”


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