NY Law Requires Consent from Both Parties During Every Step of Foreplay or it Could be Deemed “Assault”

A so-called “yes means yes” bill signed into law in New York state this week will require college students to obtain consent during each separate step of foreplay or it could be considered sexual assault.

This does means that, if someone agrees to foreplay, it does not extend to the entirety of said foreplay. “Each nibble and caress” must have consent.
The concept behind the law is that “yes means yes,” as opposed to “no means no.” In other words, consent means someone saying they want to have sex, instead of the parties having to voice their disapproval to have sex stop.

It only applies to college campuses. That said, detractors believe that it is unlikely for most people, much less college freshmen, to ask after every step leading up to intercourse. Instead of “yes means yes,” it has been transformed into “20 yeses means yes.”

New York’s lawmakers disagrees with such detractors, as it was passed unanimously by the state legislature.


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