New Feminist Organization Vows to Destroy “Christian Fascist Woman-Haters,” US Military

A new feminist organization calling itself “Stop Patriarchy” has vowed to destroy “Christian fascist woman-haters,” as well as other things it claims oppress women, including Churches and the United States military.

Writing on their website,, the group explains that their goal is to “FIGHT to STOP the enslavement of women.” The way to do that, according to the feminist group, is to fight against and destroy oppressors.

“Christian fascist woman-haters are violently hacking away at abortion rights and even birth control, slamming women backwards,” they explain.

Running from June 15 until June 19, the group is running a campaign in which its members will protest the “War on Women,” which they claim is escalating. Stop Patriarchy is pleading with its members on Tumblr to get a large piece of cardboard, draw a chalk outline on it in the shape of a body, then put “bootprints” on it naming things that oppress women and need to be destroyed.

On their official Tumblr page, the group includes a video in which the US Military and Churches are named as forces of oppression:
Beauty standards are also included as oppressive.

Drawing on cardboard will start discussions, Stop Patriarchy claims. “Set up a War On Women Display,” the group pleads. “This is an eye-catching, conversation-starting, educational display that is also a form of social intervention. It disrupts people’s normal routine and confronts them in a gripping and compelling way with the true conditions of women worldwide.”

On the group’s official Twitter page, the military and Churches are once again portrayed as “oppressors:”

The group offers this video to explain who they are:


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  1. If this were a 'which came first-the chicken or the egg'-question, it's safe to say feminism came first.
    There's no other social phenomena that has increased the hatred of women as much as that.