NC State Sponsors Event to Let Students Know that White People are Racist

As part of “Diversity Education Week,” NC State’s Union Activities Board hosted an event today called “Dear White People,” in which white students are told directly that they are racist.

The signs ranged from asking white people if they have read the 13th Amendment to statements that said that “dating a black person to piss off your parents is a form of racism.”

Another sign read, “Dear White People: Are you tired of your hum drum, Wonderbread existence of accidental racism and wishing you could sip on Henny out yo crunk cup without a Bitch giving you the side-eye? Course you are.”
Picture from The Tab
A student took offense that, on a sign that asked if white people had read the 13th Amendment, someone had written, “Have you read the 2nd,” claiming it hinted at hate crimes:

Tomorrow NC State is holding a session on microaggressions at work.


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  1. I was trying to figure out what really bothers me most about this…I thought about it and realize this is reverse discrimination. Not every Caucasian is racist. Maybe some are, but not all. I believe this is so wrong to spread hate so much to say that because a certain culture lives a certain way means that they are racist. NOT TRUE! and it's wrong for them to call on our children and tell them to their face that they are racist. I would pull my kid right out of ANY college that would condone that.