Museum Called “White Supremacist” after Asking Visitors to Dress Like Painting Containing Kimono

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts is being called “racist” after it encouraged visitors to dress in a kimono to celebrate Claude Monet’s 1876 painting “La Japonaise.” The painting contains a woman dressed in a kimono:
A group called “Stand Against Yellow-Face @ the MFA” has planned a protest for tomorrow at six o’clock.

According to Stand Against Yellow-Face, “There is no education from curators or staff on the painting itself, nor the “orientalism” that was ocurring [sic] at the time, nor is there any sort of education on the kimono itself.

“The act of non-Japanese museum staff throwing these kimonos on passerbys as a “costume” event is an insult not only to our identities, experiences, and histories as Asian-Americans in America, but affects how society as a whole continues to deny our voices today,” they continue. “The MFA has not sought to understand why this event is oppressive and dehumanizing from those of us who have confronted them, but continually deny any wrong-doing or mishandling of this event that invites you to “flirt with the exotic.””

Stand Against Yellow-Face’s message turned much angrier later on, saying, “A willingness to engage thoughtfully with museum employees and visitors on the bullshit of this white supremacist “costume” event are welcome.”

It concludes, “If you cannot come in person please call the departments below to make our voices heard, share this event, and bring awareness to this issue whether it’s through social media, dialogue with friends and family, or revoking your membership/donations to the MFA.”

The museum plans to run the event until the 29th of July. Stand against Yellow-Face plans to protest once a week until the event is ended.


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