Man Faces Up to 6 Months in Prison for Disagreeing with Feminists on Twitter

Greg Elliott faces up to six months in prison. His crime? Disagreeing with “two Toronto female political activists, Steph Guthrie and Heather Reilly,” three years ago.

Elliott has already lost his job since his arrest.

It is not alleged that Elliott threatened Ms. Guthrie or Ms. Reilly in any way, nor is it alleged that he sexually harassed them.

The original source of the arrest came when Ms. Guthrie tweeted that she wanted to “sic the Internet” on a video game programmer who created a game in which virtual people punched a feminist. Guthrie contacted employers to tell them not to hire the programmer and said she wanted “hatred on the Internet to impact his real-life experience.”

Mr. Elliott, disagreeing with this tactic, said the actions that Ms. Guthrie was taking “was every bit as vicious as the face-punch game.” They then responded to each other on Twitter several times.
Mr. Elliott
Ms. Guthrie has since pressed charges against Elliot, claiming that she was in fear for her safety. Mr. Elliott’s lawyer says this is not the case, however, as Ms. Guthrie and Ms. Reilly “convened a meeting of friends to discuss how Elliott should be publicly shamed,” “bombarded their followers with furious tweets and retweets about him,” and accused him of being a pedophile.

To allegations that she is trying to silence Mr. Elliot over a disagreement, Ms. Guthrie sarcastically apologized that “she wasn’t “a perfect victim” who behaved like a conventional victim.”

“They were not vulnerable,” Mr. Elliott’s lawyer said. “They are very accomplished, politically savvy women. If they can’t handle being mentioned in the tail end of a political discussion (on Twitter), then they’re in the wrong business.”

Feminist website Jezebel has a different perspective, saying Elliott’s arrest is “a heartening development for women whose professional and personal lives are heavily taxed by the specter of online abuse.”


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  1. Just more proof that Feminism is a form of mental disorder. Just my opinion of course and guaranteed as freedom of speech by the Constitution.

  2. Nice to see Jezebel standing up for the rights of people to harass, abuse and directly affect the real lives of folks over the Internet.

  3. Guess she really does deserve a punch in the nose.

  4. Feminists destroying their own credibility in a vindictive storm of hypocrisy…..

  5. Feminists and homosexuals have been put in a privileged position. To get what they want, all they have to do is stomp their foot. Forget about law and the constitution – they've both been politically empowered, and we should find out why, and by whom.

  6. Why don't we find a nice little island somewhere where these idiots can move. It sickens me to no end that this kind of crap is going on and we need to stop it.

  7. Accusing someone of pedophilia without evidence in electronic form is a cut-and-dried example of libel, as they are not presenting evidence, and know full well the accusation they're leveling is false.

  8. Absolutely ridiculous this case. They should get countersued for emotional damage, financial damage, defamation of a man who was just exericising his freedom of speech. Just as much as these two feminists were exercising theirs. Too bad they're not as educated as this gentleman and have to resort to the justice system to win an argument.
    THEY should be the target of an online media shaming….