Looking for a Reddit Alternative? Here are a Few

With the upheaval going on at Reddit and a perceived loss of freedom of speech, Redditors are rightfully looking for an alternative to the link aggregating Goliath.

Here are a few:

1. Voat.co is the most famed alternative that people from Reddit are flocking to. A pro is that its design is very similar to that of Reddit’s. One huge problem is that its servers can’t handle the traffic and have been going down consistently.
2. Digg.com. Yes, ironically Digg recently launched a new layout and functionality for their site. For those unacquainted, Reddit gained readership drastically when Digg pushed changed that its users didn’t like.
3. 3tags. 3tags works with a similar premise to Reddit’s, except their content is hosted on the site.
4. PushdUp. A content aggregater that focuses on news and technology.
You could also spend some extra time on the Social Memo too.


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