Liberal Professor: “Sexism Drove Dylann Roof’s Racist Massacre”

Professor Lisa Wade, an assistant professor of sociology at Occidental College, believes that “benevolent sexism” helped drive Dylann Roof to kill nine innocent people in an African American Church, and not only racism.

“Sociologists use the term “benevolent sexism” to describe the attribution of positive traits to women that, nonetheless, justify their subordination to men,” she explains. “Women are wonderful with children, they say,” she writes as an example, “but this is used to suggest that women should take primary responsibility for unpaid, undervalued domestic work.”

According to Wade, Roof yelled, “I have to do it. You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go.” This does not show just racism, but that Roof was driven by sexism as well.
Wade analyses this, saying that this shows that Roof thought that women were “fragile” and “better that they stand back and let men defend them.”

She then specifically brought herself into the comparison, saying that Roof murdered nine innocents “on my behalf. You are vulnerable, he’s whispering to me, let me protect you.”

Roof also showed “a xenophobic white entitlement to land,” continuing, “We could call it ironic – given the presence of Native Americans centuries before the arrival of the white man – yet it is so routine as to be the common sense of this country.”


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