HuffPo Writer: “We Created Dylann Roof”

According to Huffington Post writer Zeba Blay, the American people created Dylann Roof, a deranged racist who murdered nine innocent people last week.

“Dylann Roof grew up in a society that subtly upholds racist ideals, breeds toxic masculinity, and continues to debate whether guns kill people, or people kill people,” she explains. Blay also implies that “gun culture” led to the attack.
Roof burning an American flag
Ms. Blay then goes on to attack Fox News and Rick Perry for pointing out that the attack happened in a Church and that drugs could exacerbate some mental problems.

Blay then wonders aloud why no one is admitting that Roof was racist, despite the fact that every news source who has reported the shooting called it exactly that.

In the end, “we” are responsible for Dylann Roof: “It must be acknowledged that there are more Dylann Roofs out there, and they exist because we let them.”


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