HuffPo Writer: The Feelings of White People Leads to Racial Violence

Writing for the Huffington Post, Amelia Shroyer wants white people to know that their feelings and “fragility” are getting black people killed.

Her article, titled “White Fragility Is Racial Violence,” begins by saying, “White people, we are massively failing with our white fragility. When we are asked to do the very least in empathetic listening, we center entire conversations around our own feelings.”

Shroyer continues, “As white people living in white supremacy we have the power to take that focus because society values our words more than those of people of color.”

Get over your feelings about being called a racist, Shroyer writes, because if you’re white, you’ve done something racist anyway. “The fact is, if you’re white in America, you’ve likely said, thought, or done something racist,” she states bluntly. “It’s just a fact. We were all brought up in a white supremacist culture.”

Stop being afraid of being called a racist and realize that you likely are one, she writes. “By resisting (or even embracing) fear, guilt and shame we can open ourselves up to conversations about race that actually create a deeper understanding,” Shroyer adds.
Ms. Shroyer
White people are wantonly killing black people and getting away with it, she goes on. “I don’t have to live with the weight of knowing I can be gunned down in the street for no reason and my murderer would get away with it,” Shroyer argues. “I don’t ever have to contemplate how to prepare my child for a world that will fear, dehumanize and underestimate them. I cannot fathom that. I also cannot imagine carrying the weight of this knowledge only to be asked to educate the same people who resist listening to my reality.”

Shroyer then calls on white people to end racism. “White people, we can do better. We can sit with our friends of color and feel our emotions without coopting [sic] their grief.”

She then states that white people are still oppressing African Americans, writing, “We can do our own labor to educate ourselves, and find new sources of information to take the burden of our own ignorance off the people we have oppressed for centuries.”

Ms. Shroyer ends her article, “We’ve got to do better. People are dying out here.”


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  1. "The fact is, if you're white in America, you've likely said, thought, or done something racist,"

    The fact is, if you're named Amelia Shroyer in America, you've likely said, thought, or done something bonkers asinine. Probably on a daily basis.

  2. One of, if not the most ignorant articles I have read in a log while.

    A question to Ms Shroyer – in every school in the country, in every category, African Americans under perform every other demographic. My question is why?

    Does she believe that African American's are less intelligent? Or does she believe that every school in America is full of racist teachers?

    But the truth is that the political left has spent the last 50 years ingraining in African Americans the belief that they can not succeed in America on their own. They are taught that only through liberal largess can they survive, so they have formed a symbiotic relationship with the political left. African Americans are taught this from a very young age.

    If you were taught that no matter what you do, or how hard you work, you could never succeed, how hard would you try? This is why African Americans fail to succeed in America – they have been conditioned not to succeed.

    There are true racists in America, and Ms Shroyer is one of them!

  3. What a whiny loser. I have no hang ups about being white.