HuffPo Writer: “Black Lives Do Not Matter. But they do in Islam.”

Writing for the Huffington Post, Linda Sarsour explained why black lives don’t matter in the United States, but they do in Islam. Her piece is titled “I Am Muslim and I Am Black Lives Matter.”

“Black lives don’t matter,” she begins her article. “We need to own that as the current reality for millions of Black Americans. Every 28 hours a police officer, security guard, or Zimmerman-type vigilante kills a Black person, most of who are unarmed.”

After several more paragraphs about how black lives don’t matter in the United States, Sarsour eventually writes, “Black lives don’t matter. But they do in Islam.”
She continues, “Since the founding of Islam, Black lives mattered. My faith informs my role and commitment to standing up against injustice and to work towards creating a world where Black life is valued as equally as any life.”

Celebrating Ramadan, she explains, helped her “work harder, bolder and clearer to empathize and engage in courageous action with Black sisters and brothers to create a society where Black lives truly matter.”

Sarsour concludes, “As a Muslim, my faith mandates that I stand up against injustice and that I should fear no one but God and I take this tenet of my faith very seriously. Existing as Black and/or Muslim in America is an act of courage. I have committed myself wholeheartedly to #BlackLivesMatter, because when Black lives matter all lives will matter, including Muslim lives.”


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