HuffPo Writer Warns: All White People are on the “Racism Spectrum Until Further Notice”

Justin Cohen, a contributor to the Huffington Post and former member of the education policy committee for President Obama’s 2008 campaign, stated that his goal for 2017 is to have white people realize that we’re all on the “racism spectrum” and that white people need to stop being so “sensitive” about being called racist.

His article, titled “Three New Year’s Resolutions For White America,” detailed what he is working towards in the new year.
Mr. Cohen, from his website
“Resolution #1: We resolve to stop being so damned sensitive about the word “racism,”” Mr. Cohen writes. “Racism warrants discussion, but White people put too many conditions on the discussion of the phenomenon… We do not have the luxury to orchestrate conversations about racism so that they’re more comfortable for tepid White people.”

To this end, all white people need to understand that they are, at least, a little racist against people of color.

“Resolution #2: We resolve to realize that all White people are participating in racism,” he writes, saying that people born a certain race automatically have a specific attribute.

“That’s right, I said all. Sorry to burst your bubble, White lady wearing an “Assata Taught Me” t-shirt,” Mr. Cohen explains. “The majority of our people sided with the Ku Klux Klan to elect an overt bigot as president… All of us are on the racism spectrum until further notice.”

Mr. Cohen’s third resolution is to “resolve to organize our people around anti-racist ideas.”

He writes, “For centuries, being White in America meant reaping unearned power and advantages, relative to people who are not White. America’s power structure, to an almost comical degree, still reflects that version of Whiteness.”

Mr. Cohen concludes, “Anti-racist White people must continue to make racism unacceptable, otherwise the White supremacist vision will continue to build power. And win.”


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  1. Well,it was "white people" who founded this country…I guess dweebs like this think it's up to them to "unfound" it

    Robbins Mitchell

  2. "Racism warrants discussion", that is, until you try to discuss racism with an American black. They can't be racist, don't you see, it's all whitey's fault. So shut up and listen and stop talking.

    That's called racial dialogue to snowflake Justin Cohen.

  3. There is no real reason to be racist since there are 100's of good reasons to dislike people on an individual basis!!

    so stop arguing over PAINT COLOR!!

  4. "The majority of our people sided with the Ku Klux Klan to elect an overt bigot as president…" He's talking about Woodrow Wilson, right?

  5. We resolve to realize that all White people are participating in racism," he writes, saying that people born a certain race automatically have a specific attribute.

    Does this budding little fascist realize how racist that statement is? Probably not, as he obviously has no self-awareness.

  6. Wasps rule OK? (Weak as piss, that is.)

  7. Just as the stereotype of white racism is untrue so is the stereotype that jews are 'smart'….thank you, mr cohen, for destroying harmful mytha

  8. Wow. The utter lack of logical thinking is profound. So, there are in fact, anti-racist white people who need to "continue to make racism unacceptable" AND white people who are de facto racist? Also, who are "our people"?

  9. Wow. What a jerk. Do you realize how rich or tenured white people have to be to get away with hating themselves and the majority of the country.

    The article isn't about race. It's about "look at me I'm rich or tenured (and no one can touch me) and I must be more sophisticated than all you rubes that have to be nice to the boss and the customers or go broke." This is nothing more than leaving the window sticker on your BMW just in case the common folk don't notice and accidentally think you're one of them.

    It's a way of smirking and saying I'm a complete jerk, and you have to like it or else. So if you hire this guy or pay him, you're a moron. Invite him to your home for a month and then tell him you voted for Trump.

    Then watch and see why half the country hates the media and the democrats. How can you be so blind.

  10. It's as if leftists want to ignite a race war.

    I read an interesting blog article a while ago. A white man in his 20s was flirting with Alt-right sites not because he was a white supremacist but it was one of the few areas were he could celebrate being white without being condemned. He was bombarded 24/7 growing up about how white males were the scum of the earth and it wore on him to the point that he was desperate for some kind of affirmation.

    Now this guy knows there are some blatant racists on Alt-right sites and ignores their posts bot how long will it be before he's swayed more and more to those views? And who knows how many more people lurking on Alt-right sites are doing so for the same reasons? If you vilify someone long enough, eventually if they have any balls they will say 'eff' you and become the very thing you've been accusing them of.

    And all of this is the fault of leftists. They are the ones driving the increase in Alt-right members. Like I said it's as if they want a race war.

    1. They do. Then they will want nanny government to "save us". All about the narrative.

  11. It is hard for me to believe that the left can be more stupid than they seem today, but tomorrow I am fairly sure someone will add to the stupid and put this man in second place. Next week he won't be in the top 50.

  12. Of course there are no bigger racists than white liberal snowflakes and their patronizing, paternalistic racism they engage in on a daily basis, particularly with the soft bigotry of their low expectations of minorities. God forbid if they have to deal with the reality that on a per capita basis a black American (ie. mostly black males) is eleven times more likely to commit an act of violence or murder against a white American than the reverse. If there's a race "war" going on it's not white Americans actively pursuing it with any great alacrity. Whackademics and sociologists might be able to rationalize maybe a ten or twenty percent difference in the crime rate due to "sociological factors", but not 1100%! Run the numbers from the FBI Uniform Crime Statistics yourself if you don't believe, but keep in mind the "white" crime rate is made artificially high because Hispanics and latinos (also people of "color") are rolled into the white crime column until this year.

  13. I don't consider myself to be a racist. But if I'm going to be condemned as a racist, then I might as well go ahead and be one. And when I set my mind to it, I usually will excel at a task, so Mr. Cohen might not be happy with the result.

  14. My response to these people any more is basically ef off.

  15. Cohen is innately racist from birth, born and acculturated into a racist community that celebrates its racism ad nauseum. These racists use racism as a means to divide so that they can control the dominant society.

  16. I've worked closely with blacks, Hispanics, Arabs, whites and almost every minority. In my personal experience blacks are very racist towards other groups (not to mention homophobic in the extreme), many Hispanic nationalities despise other ones (Mexicans and Cubans detest each other) and white people, maybe after decades of bullying and being called racist for any tiny thing, are the least racist people I've come in contact with. I'm bi-racial, btw.

  17. Mr. Cohen's condescension is exceeded only in by his belief in his own infallibility. Neither are pretty characteristics, but both are completely explained by his association with the Obama campaign. You have to be a self-abusing toady if you are white and backed The Change Maker for President.

  18. OK, so I am a 'racist'. So what?

  19. Mr. Cohen should spend some time in the hood, let's say a month in an area like Chicago Woodlawn. If he survives, I'll listen to what he has to say. Otherwise, you bring nothing to the party.

  20. I'm not sensitive to being called racist, I just ignore it. Being called a racist has become the equivalent of Chicken Little or the Boy who cried Wolf.

  21. I have worked the last 25 years for and NGO in Asia, Africa and now the middle east and I dont know why racism blame and guilt is confined to white people, all people can be racist, asians, to other Asians, Indians have it built into their culture with the class system or blacks, black against other blacks from different ethnic groups or a differnet shade of black, if anything in my experience the whites are the more tolerant.

  22. I LOVE IT!

    ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACIST… and BLACK people "CANT" be racist.. because white people have the "privilege" and the "power"

    …. so…. a white guy simply walking down the street and smiling at a black man is "RACIST" and a "microagression"

    but a black guy who wears a shit that says "I hate white people" goes into a school, picks out only the white people… murders them in cold blood and then scrawls in blood on the chalkboard "All whites need to die!!!"… but he's not a "Racist" … he's just an "oppressed black man."

    and white people… forget the fact that you founded, created and BUILT this country…. nope… you're all racists that need to pay "reparations"… in fact every white person should donate 25% of their paycheck to one of the 42% of the black population on welfare (while only being 10% of the tax base that pays for that welfare!)

    damn white people… building countries, and paying for everything for all these minorities. How dare we.