HuffPo Author: We Should Replace the Phrase “White Privilege” with “White Advantage”

Writing for the Huffington Post today, Daniel Cubias suggested that liberals get rid of the term “white privilege” with “white advantage,” or another phrase that shows that whites receive societal benefits simply for being white.

Cubias cautions in his piece Let’s Get Rid of the Term ‘White Privilege’ that “white privilege” does indeed exist. However, the phrase itself is not catchy enough.

Liberals were smart to change “global warming” to “climate change.” He explains, “consider the worst branding decision of all time: “global warming”. As we all know, climate deniers just scoff and say, “Then why was it so cold this winter?” Such idiotic assertions are easier to dismiss with a new and improved term (i.e., “climate change”).”
The same should be done to “white privilege,” Cubias writes. “We are seeing the same pushback,” he writes, “the same dismissal of reality with the phrase “white privilege.” Now, for those who are unclear about this concept, white privilege refers to societal privileges that benefit white people beyond what is commonly experienced by non-white people.”

Thus, “white privilege” needs to end in favor of something more catchy.

“And that’s why we need to drop the whole thing — not the concept, mind you, which is crucial to our understanding of racial inequalities and American culture itself. We need to rebrand,” he details.

“So let’s begin the discussion in earnest,” Cubias continues. “Let’s make it a real goal to replace the needlessly confrontational term “white privilege.” I’ll get it started. How about “white advantage”? It’s still racially loaded, but the idea of “advantage” is much easier to accept than “privilege.””


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  1. I am glad I am white. After all, I was born that way.