HuffPo Author: “Proof” of Rape is Unnecessary to Decide Someone is a Rapist

In a new article titled “The Aftermath Of Bill Cosby’s Admission? That’s Rape Culture,” the Huffington Post’s Zeba Blay declares that “proof” of rape is not necessary to decide someone is a rapist.

Blay spends most of the article on rape culture and the under-use of the word “rape” in the media when talking about Bill Cosby. She then says that women accusing a man of rape is proof enough that the man is a rapist.
“The fact Cosby’s leaked confession holds more weight than the voices of over 40 women who have come out with accusations against him over the years, is horrifying,” she writes. “We needed “proof” before we could believe the victims. Jill Scott came out last night to condemn Cosby after vigorously defending him last year, but added that all she needed was “proof” that he did it — as if the stories of 40 women from all different walks of life were not enough to suggest that he is rapist.”

She continues, “Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is needed in a court of law, but the court of public opinion does not require the same standards.”

Cosby’s wealth, race, celebrity, as well as “sexism and misogyny, they make stories like this a reality,” Blay adds.


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