HuffPo Article Claims Restroom Signs “Sexist” because Women Do Not Wear Pants in Them

The Huffington Post is now claiming that the generic men and women on restroom signs are sexist, saying that women’s restroom symbols are not wearing pants.

These and other complaints were compiled in an article published last week titled, “A Badass Feminist Coloring Book For The Powerful Ladies In Your Life.” The article is literally just uncolored pictures of women, some of which have quotes and complaints about life in America.

One of the quotes actually complained about this:

The quote and picture accompanying the Huffington Post’s complaint reads, “We live in a world that is so sexist that women still can’t wear pants on public restroom signs:”

Here are some of the other pictures and quotes included in the article:


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  1. those girls are ugly

  2. We should go with the Chinese style restrooms to promote equality in the west. A massive row of unisex stalls on one side, and sinks on the other in an open hallway.

  3. Why are all feminists so fat and ugly? Is that why they are so angry at men?