Guardian Author Runs Out of Starbucks in Embarrassment After Woman Asks her About Physical Activity

Amy Roe, writing for the Guardian, “hustled” out of a Starbucks after another woman asked her about physical activity.

According to Roe, she went to a Starbucks after running for 12 miles. Roe explains that she was sweating after the run and was approached by another woman in the coffee shop.

“You look like you just did a class,” the woman said, smiling. “Or swimming?” she added.

Roe responded, “Um, running. I just sweat a lot.”

Ms. Roe then writes that in her ensuing embarrassment, she “took the paper cup of drip coffee and hustled past the condiment bar. Screw the half-and-half; I’d drink it black.”
She continues, “Once safely inside my car, I threw off my damp running cap and flipped up the hood of my sweatshirt in embarrassment. I wanted to dive deep into that Lululemon Scuba and never come back up for air.”

“I’d been sweat-shamed,” Roe concludes. “Sweat-shaming is when someone points out your sweatiness as a way to signal disapproval. Like its counterparts, slut-shaming and fat-shaming, sweat-shaming is aimed mainly at women, who are actually not supposed to sweat at all.”

She then writes, “We have been hiding this natural bodily function so long we have no idea how much a “normal” woman sweats – if there is such a thing – much the same way many men have no idea how much make-up it takes to produce “natural” beauty.”

This weekend, Roe will not be “sweat-shamed.” She writes, “I’ve got another long run this weekend and afterward, I’m going to sit down with my coffee, all sweaty and transgressive.”

Roe concludes, “The stigmas surrounding women’s bodies are powerful, but they’re no match for how powerful I feel after running.”


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  1. Nice! I love my girlfriend and future, and even more when she is sweaty after gym or running. Not in a perverse way, but because I know she is taking care of herself. NEVER be embarrassed….