Guardian Author: My Child Did Not Know Guns are Real

The daughter of Guardian author Jessica Valenti did not know that guns existed “in real life.” Valenti laments that she even has to tell her daughter “anything about guns,” including confirming their existence.

According to Valenti, her daughter five-years-old daughter Layla looked at a picture of Martin Luther King, Jr that hangs in her room and asked, “How did he die?”

Valenti told her that he was killed by a man with a gun. “And that’s when she asked, shocked, if guns existed “in real life,”” and then asked why guns were “allowed.”

“The truth is that I resent that I have to tell my daughter anything about guns,” Valenti laments. She further asks how she can explain that “we live in a nation where people’s right to own a weapon that kills trumps her right to safety and a life free from fear?”
Ms. Valenti
She continues, “This is not the world I want for her – not the world I want for any child.”

In the end, “My husband and I did the best we could that night explaining that guns were, in fact, real, and that despite the fact that they are dangerous some people still own them.”

According to Valenti, this all happened the night before the shooting at Umpqua Community College.


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  1. Ms. Valenti is a blithering, hand-wringing idiot who should be reminded that the people whose death she attempts to exploit were murdered in a gun-free zone… just like [all] of the others.

  2. Ms. Valenti…After you've explained that guns are real, PLEASE, PLEASE, explain the 2nd Amendment and the reasoning behind the 2nd Amendment.

  3. Guardian is an English newspaper? The foreigner can go home…

  4. Typical liberal, nothing in their world is reality based, they all live in la la land ..

  5. If this woman feels so much fear in a world where guns exist, just imagine the fear she and her daughter would have in a world where only the strong thugs were armed. Right now, good people can have guns to defend themselves from the ruthless and violent. But in a world without guns, only the ruthless and violent would be in power and they could/would kill anyone for any reason. These people put such hate towards a tool. They don't understand how that tool can work for good or bad. They don't understand how that tool protects them even when they reject such tools.

  6. Cripes…………did she notice "CARS" yet?????

  7. Women like her represent about 70% of the educated women in 1st world countries. Raised on a forced diet of hardcore Marxist leftism disguised as "common-sense humanism", they're now so rich and isolated and ignorant that they can't even speak without grade-school level platitudes spilling from their mouths and into their lattes.

    I got taught the same crap in elementary school. It didn't stick then and it hasn't stuck since. There is something DEEPLY, SPECIFICALLY screwed up with the post-feminist woman. Over-educated and still with the common sense of a flea.