Feminist Website: Treating Different Races Equally is “Racist”

Writing for the site Everyday Feminism, author Jamie Utt detailed accidental racism in her article, “10 Ways Well-Meaning White Teachers Bring Racism Into Our Schools.”

One way that Utt claims white people can be racist is by treating everyone equally, or being “race neutral,” as Utt puts it.

She explains that by ignoring race, teachers ignore their possible racism, writing, “Race neutrality lends itself to defensiveness to the ways Whiteness and racism are problematic in our teaching.”

Utt continues that teachers need to “do the difficult work of exploring a different way of being White, one where we see our liberation as bound up with that of our students and their families.”
Other things that are racist, according to Utt in the article: unintentionally mispronouncing names (because only minorities have their names mispronounced), trying to connect with students via their culture (which Utt calls “cultural appropriation”), and not demanding that minorities be hired over whites.

Instead of connecting with students’ cultures, Utt writes, instead come to understand “your own ethnic, religious, and cultural heritage (particularly that from before your people became White).”

And when it comes to hiring minorities over whites, Utt explains, “Organize! It’s what teachers do so well! Pressure our unions to make hiring teachers of Color the top priority.”

“Hiring teachers of Color” is the “top priority” over student learning, achievement, and equality.


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