Feminist Website: People Who Vote Republican do it to “Hurt People of Color”

If you vote Republican, there’s a good chance you’re doing it because you want to “hurt people of Color.” That’s one of the messages from Everyday Feminism’s new article, “Here Are the Real Reasons Why We White People Struggle to Admit That Racism Still Exists.”

The author, Jamie Utt, says that “we whites” need to realize the evil we’re perpetrating.

One of the “reasons” why white people can’t admit that racism still exists is that “White People Have an Emotional Stake in Denying White Supremacy,” he explains.

“Because that way, we can avoid dealing with how we’re complicit in its pervasiveness,” Utt begins. “Admitting that we’re acting in racist ways or supporting racist systems is terrifying. And it hurts. Scarier still is doing the deep emotional reflection to understand the ways that we may be truly racist deep down.”

He continues, “I have an emotional stake in reacting defensively to allegations that I have hurt a person of Color with my privileged actions. I have an emotional stake in pretending that my equitable values are in alignment with the world I create for myself.”
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Utt then claims that those who vote Republican do so “against our self-interests in order to enact policies that hurt people of Color.”

He then links to an article from the Guardian titled, “Working class voters: why America’s poor are willing to vote Republican.” In the article, it accuses whites of voting for Republicans, at least partially, because of racism.

By doing such things, we “are living in a “culture of make believe,”” he writes.

“And when we defend racist systems and refuse to be self reflective about our complicity in them,” Utt continues, “we turn our back on that core, connecting aspect of what makes us human.”

He concludes, “By investing in Whiteness, we turn our backs on our own humanity.”


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