ESPN Radio Host: “It is White Peoples Responsibility to Fix Racism”

ESPN radio host and TV commentator Bomani Jones wrote in a series of emotional messages on Twitter yesterday that “it is white people’s responsibility to fix racism” and that white people need to think about their “complicity in the racism of America.”

In the tweets, which were first reported by the Social Memo, Jones called out “white supremacy” and “privilege,” while also saying that liberals and conservatives are part of that structure, if they’re white.
Mr. Jones
Over the course of a few hours, Jones went from analyzing racism in the United States to telling white people that they need to analyze their “complicity” in racism.

First, he wrote that his humanity was being “ignored” because he is African American:
Later, he wrote that “all white people” need to “consider their complicity in the racism of America:”
Jones then mocked another user for questioning the assertion:
But then backed off what he had written, saying that all whites were not complicit in racism “for now:”
He then went on to say that white liberals and conservatives are complicit in “white supremacy” and “privilege:”
Jones then claimed “it is white people’s responsibility to fix racism:”
Next, Jones corrected people’s grammar, while also making grammatical errors:

ESPN has made no public statements about Jones’s tweets.


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  1. I wonder if that includes the story last week about the man who pushed the woman into the path of an oncoming train because he "didn't like white people"?