College Student Gets Free “A” after Threatening to Charge Gay Prof. with Sexual Harassment

A professor from Emory University has been forced to change a female student’s grade after she told administrators that she would accuse him of sexual harassment if she didn’t get a free A. The professor, David Samuel Levinson, is gay.

The student, a freshman who had Levinson last Fall, was irate over receiving a B+ in his class, despite the fact that her writing, while grammatically correct, was of mediocre quality.
After getting the B+, she harassed Levinson over the course of Winter Break, sending him messages on Facebook demanding that he change the grade. The college administrators did not back Levinson up, instead telling him to “just give her the grade” because they didn’t want the incident to “escalate.”

Then the student started blackmailing the college, telling them that she would bring up charges of sexual harassment against Levinson if she didn’t get the A.

Levinson eventually gave the student an A fearing a lawsuit and a sexual harassment investigation.


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