College Newspaper: Womens Advocacy Groups are Sexist Against Women

Women students at Louisiana Tech University have to pay an extra 50 cents on their thousands-of-dollars tuition to support “the Association of Women Students.” Despite the fact that “AWS is a student organization whose goals are to promote a culture of diversity and enhance leadership and academic opportunities for women on Tech’s campus,” their existence and the accompanying 50 cent fee is sexist.

That opinion appeared in SPEAK Magazine, Louisiana Tech University’s student magazine, in their Spring 2015 Edition. It was then reproduced in

Paying 50 cents to support a women’s advocacy group is actually sexist against women, the article explains. “Why do women need to be treated as though they are vulnerable and weak — so much so that they require an organization to tax them, but not do things exclusively for them?” it asks.

“If you are a female who would like to get this fee removed from your account, be prepared for a headache,” the author warns, as he heard that it would be difficult to get the fee removed.
The author’s solution? Perhaps the fee should be eliminated. Or, instead, men should pay the fee too, but the money should go to women.

“If males pay the same fee, the fee could be redressed as a safety fee,” the piece states. “Considering previous projects are among those promoting safety on campus, this would not be entirely unreasonable. Requiring females to exclusive be responsible for funding their own safety is effectively victim-blaming.”

“So Tech, let’s be progressive for once,” the author demands. “Let’s right a wrong. AWS, though you are well intentioned, your means to an end are oppressive. Though you claim to be fighting for women’s equality, you’ve done just the opposite. However, this is simply reflective of our society at large, so AWS isn’t entirely to blame. Our society could care less about pay equality.”

He concludes, “Society continually penalizes women for merely being women — what’s one more?”


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