Businesses Draw Attention to “Gender Pay Gap” by Discriminating Against Men

Several businesses in the United States are protesting the “gender pay gap,” in which they say females are earning 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, by discriminating against men.

When actually comparing equal work and equal time, women and men actually make about the same amount of money, but these facts have not stopped the following businesses from discriminating in order to stop discrimination:

“M’Lady Records” in Portland, Oregon, is now charging women 77% of the full price for all mail orders.

In Pittsburgh, “76<100” had women pay just 76% of the total cost of items. The fact that stores are charging different percentages shows that these businesses can’t even keep fake statistics straight. The Way Station & 706 Bar charged women 77% for drinks on July 7 (7/7):

Of course, the gender pay gap doesn’t actually exist. Women who work at the same job as men with equal experience earn the same amount as them. But these businesses won’t let facts get between them and a cheap ploy to get more customers.


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