Brown U Prof: Elizabeth Warren “Complicit in Racism” Against Native Americans

Dr. Adrienne Keene, a professor at Brown University and a person of Native American decent, argued last week that Senator Elizabeth Warren is “complicit in racism” against Native Americans.

According to Professor Keene, after being attacked as a “fake” Native American, Senator Warren never once “turned the conversation to actual NA issues in Massachusetts.”

Instead, Ms. Warren defended herself, obtaining “liberal pity,” but never did anything to actually help native people.

“She’s complicit in the racism w/her continued silence,” Dr. Keene argued:
Dr. Keene argued that nicknames given to Senator Warren suggesting a native heritage don’t hurt her because “she’s not Native.”

She then further mocked Warren, writing, “If anyone from Sen Warren’s team wants to hire me and other Natives as consultants to help fix it, I can assemble a team. We’ll wait.”


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