Black Lives Matter Supporter: Facebook Murderer “Could Have at Least Killed” a “White Dude” Instead of a Black Man

Supporters of Black Lives Matters (BLM) took to social media Tuesday afternoon to blame Steve Stephens’ actions on white people and other motives.

One BLM supporter was upset that Stephens murdered a “black man” and said that he “could’ve at least killed a old [sic] racist white dude:”
Last year, in multiple posts, the same user voiced his support for Black Lives Matter:
A number of Twitter users claimed that “white people” were using the incident to “divide” the nation, and another stated that it was “ignorant” to hope that Stephens was killed by police:
Still others hinted at some sort of conspiracy in which “white ppl” will blame “BLM for Steve Stephens’ killings:”
While still others claimed that “white shooters” always are said to have “mental illnesses” when they commit murder, but Stephens would not because he is black:
Another user used the opportunity to call the Founding Fathers “cowards:”


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