Anti-Capitalist Leader: “I Unapologetically Demand Men & White Womxn Pay Me”

Nazly Sobhi Damasio, founder of La Feminista Descolonial, an feminist, anti-colonial, and anti-capitalist platform, demanded this week that men and “white womxn” pay her “because they consume intellectual, emotional & creative labor 24/7 w/o my consent.”

Ms. Damasio further argued that she should be able to receieve that money and never be questioned about how she spends it, as that would be “gross, classist and frankly none of your business:”
Damasio had made similar demands last week as well:
She has also written extensively about “Zionism,” “cis bodies,” and other topics online:
According to an article published in Latina, Ms. Damasio also aims to “crush the patriarchy.”


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  1. Guess what? Your "consent" is not required nor desired. You exist. Where is your payment to us for having to endure such drivel? You are far too self absorbed to be anything other than a bothersome wart on a frog!

  2. Your a frigging Luna-tick and just trying to live off the body of the producers.
    Or otherwise stated a sicko commie. foad!!!

  3. On the contrary, she and others like her, should pay the WHite Race, for every invention the WHites have brought out.

    Let's start with the electornics she's using. THen, the Music notations and the Music Scale. Then go on from there.

    Oh, did I mention that the WHite Race is the ONLY Race that abolished SLavery, and Advanced the Woman's Rights?

    In most places int he world, Women are still being abused, beaten, burned to death, throats cut, female parts cut off, raped, sold into slavery, into marriage and an an early age, suffering childbirth at an early age, multiple childbirths.

    In Africa, India and the Middle East, Human Slavery still exists.

    There is still Human Sacrifice committed by the Indigenous Peoples, in Mexico and South America.

    And in fact, other Races ride on the coattails of the White Race.

  4. Come and take it, snowflake 🙂

  5. Why even report on this useless nutjob? Ignore her.

  6. Fred Reed says it best:

  7. Never heard of her. Sorry that I wasted the time to read this drivel.

  8. Ah yes, the extent people will go to argue for their entitlement to have what belongs to others and they are unwilling to earn for themselves… because (insert favorite bogeyman cause here)

  9. More proof that modern feminism is just Marxism for Girlz.

  10. I suggest thorazine.

  11. Years ago , nice people with nets and straitjackets would descend on nutjobs like this, and send them off to–appropriately–a nuthouse.

    Today, crazies too incompetent to earn their way through life DEMAND that others do so!

    According to Progressives….that's Progress!!!

  12. I agree with her. I will pay her exactly what her efforts are worth as a feminist/Marxist/anti-colonialist: zero.

    1. Less than zero. She should be fined to compensate everyone who reads this article.

  13. The poor creature needs her diapers changed but due to the cruel and unfeeling trump budget cuts funding for lifelong infant care has been severely curtailed

  14. If I'm using someone's intellectual property, I should pay for it.
    What exactly has she created that I use so I can compensate her properly.

  15. Is she a findom or something?

  16. Leonidas Molon Labe

  17. Considering there aren't any "womxn", getting paid is going to be might difficult.