After Online Complaints, Hasbro Changes Gender of Dinosaur Toy

After receiving complaints online, Hasbro has bowed to pressure and changed the pronouns of one of their dinosaurs to “she.”
Hasbro’s site now reads:
Meet the new queen of Jurassic World: Indominus Rex! She’s a dino-stomping monster whose color-changing skin will hide her until she’s ready to strike! One bite from this master of disaster’s mega-chomping jaw and it’s all over. Get a giant bite on your next adventure with the invisible terror of your Indominus Rex figure!
The original controversy stemmed from the use of the word “he,” when, according to the Jurassic Park movies, dinosaurs on the islands are bred as females only.


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  1. Wow. More deleting of comments that you disagree with. What's the point of having a comment section if you selectively delete whatever you dislike? There was no trolling or foul language, just a dissenting opinion.