Study: Men with Facial Hair are Perceived as More Sexist

A study released last month suggests that, regardless of actual personal actions or beliefs, men with facial hair are perceived as being more sexist than those without.

Written by Rebekah Herrick, a professor at Oklahoma State University, the study showed candidates pictures of men in Congress with and without facial hair. They were also shown on a scale, including clean-shaven men, men with stubble, men with goatees, and men with full beards.

"Pictured members of Congress with facial hair were perceived by our student subjects as more masculine, and less supportive of feminist issue positions, although not more willing to support deployment of force," she wrote. In other words, according to people's perceptions, men with beards are less "concerned" with the plight of women.
Dr. Herrick
"These stereotypes, in turn, may affect the electability of politicians with beards or mustaches," Dr. Herrick continued. "Our experimental results did not show that men with facial hair were less electable overall than men without beards or mustaches. But women and self-identified feminists among our experimental subjects said they were less likely to vote for the politicians with facial hair."

However, perceptions do not match reality.

"But did the actual voting records of members of the 110th Congress back up such perceptions?" Dr. Herrick asks. "We examined roll call votes and found no evidence that legislators with facial hair voted any differently from those without facial hair. On women’s issues and legislation pertaining to the use of force, there were no significant differences between the voting records of Congressmen with and without facial hair."

That said, politicians might need to consider the politics of having a beard because of this. "Our research suggests men with facial hair can be elected, although some voters, particularly women and feminists, may be less likely to vote for candidates with facial hair," she explains. "Given that possibility, however subtle, male politicians may need to think strategically before they put away their razors, especially if they are concerned about attracting women voters."


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  1. Women who object to male facial hair are sexist.

    So there.

  2. Don't all men have facial hair?

  3. "Men with Facial Hair are Perceived as More Sexist"

    "Feminists objectivize male politicians!"

  4. Somehow this can be twisted into a reflection of sexism against women, I don't know how yet, but it'll happen.

  5. Hows about women with facial hair?

    1. Infinitely more likely to be triggered

  6. Sounds like the right time to get myself a big bushy beard right about now, then.

  7. This just proves once more that women are nothing more then narcissistic beings hellbent on getting their way through the use of gynocentric garble !

  8. Does this mean we have to add beards to penis envy now???

  9. The spelled "sexiest" wrong.

  10. This is very revealing. When women who are sensitive to "misogyny" are offended by men, often times what is actually going on is they are offended by masculinity. This is the same thing as feminist harpies saying that a guy who lifts weights and is built is a "douche bag," even if the guy is really nice. Big muscles, short hair, facial hair, and no crazy piercings = JERK, according to shallow women. When will people realize that a lot of these "feminists" don't give a damn about "equality," they just hate men.