Oscar Nominated Actress: Charleston Church Shooting Shows Racism against Muslims

Dylann Storm Roof murdered nine people at a Church in Charleston in a likely race-motivated attack. After the shooting, a manhunt ensued, in which Roof was eventually captured.

Lexi Alexander, who was nominated for an Oscar for the short drama Johnny Flynton, believes that this is an opportune time to point out just how prejudiced police are against Muslims.

Taking to Twitter, Alexander, who is of Arab and German ancestry, felt the need to remind people that the police came out in force after the Boston Marathon Bombing:

She also wanted to let people know that if you disagreed with her statement, you are a racist:

Alexander called out Jews as well, saying that "Zionists" were angry with her over her tweet:

Did Alexander research her claim that police weren't using their resources to capture Roof? Apparently not, or she might have found:



Alexander also didn't mention that there were multiple suspects in the Boston Bombings who were at large for several days and had explosive material. But why let facts get in the way of falsely feeling oppressed?


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