NBC: "White Americans Are Biggest Terror Threat in U.S."

NBC News is reporting that white people are the "biggest terror threat in the U.S." citing a study. Oddly, despite the headline, "White Americans Are Biggest Terror Threat in U.S.: Study," in the text of their quick article, NBC, does not actually say that white people are the biggest terror threat.

Instead, NBC's article reads, "The New America Foundation found that twice as many people have died in attacks by right-wing groups in America than by Muslim extremists since 9/11."

According to the study, 26 people have died from "Deadly Jihadist Attacks" in the United States since September 11, while 48 have died from "Deadly Right Wing Attacks."

Besides the obvious problems with NBC's clickbait headline, there other tremendous problems with the "study." First, it specifically excludes September 11, 2001. If it was included, it would show that Islamic extremists have killed 62 times as many people as "right-winged groups."
Second, the study includes "right-winged extremists" who murdered people as terrorists, including someone who killed a person during a bank robbery, but excluded people like Ali Muhammad Brown, who murdered a 19-year-old "as an act of vengeance" against the United States for deaths of Muslims overseas.

Also not included in the "study:" Ali Muhammad Brown, an Islamic extremist who killed two gay people, James Cosby, who killed his daughter and her lover because he had a "warped understanding" of Islam, or the triple murder of Jews in 2011 by one of the Boston Bombers.

But why let facts get in the way of a good story?


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  1. Well, I guess all we white people should just go out and kill ourselves already.

  2. I should have shot my TV 2 years ago when I got rid of it. Instead, I sold it.

  3. That's right...those magical Islamic extremists that caused three buildings to collapse at free fall speed...the first time in history that steel frame buildings have ever collapsed due to fire...they were able to do it with just two airplanes......amazing !

    1. Even more amazing is the way they flew combat manuvers in 757s when they failed to learn to fly a Cesna.......

  4. Well I see the truth hurts

  5. white people? Are chinese yellow or all muslims black or Hindus black. Biggest mistake Americans did is allow a B/W presidunce in office. Guy is a mental case gone berserk--he has a hatred towards non Africans.

  6. Clearly, we have an absurd comment from NBC News followed by an absurd article. Our modern media is an extension of our government. The lies, half-truths, and innuendo are put forward for two purposes 1) misdirect us from truly serious matters and 2) direct us to their banker authorized agenda. By simply condemning NBC News for ignoring Target A while castigating Target B just perpetuates that false paradigm. We do have a unifying enemy. It is the private central banks, who have terrorized and plundered the planet for their personal gain during the last two hundred years. Everything else is subterfuge.

  7. The FBI list Mexicans in the white crime records because if the didn't, it would show how bad the black crime rate is.

  8. The threat White America is to is CRIMINAL GOVT

  9. You miss he point entirely in you blog post.
    Show me a "Terrorist" attack that does not have FBI/CIA fingerprints on it. We have one enemy, as does the whole world now, the Us Government and its Fascist friends.
    Chuck (Smithfix) Smith
    For your consideration, "We Are Your Enemy!"

  10. Speaking of not letting facts get in the way of a good story, Ali Muhammad Brown was NOT omitted from the New America Foundation report. Brown was the perpetrator of the attack listed as "2014 Washington and New Jersey Killing Spree."