Feminist Website Advises Readers to Never Force their Child to Hug Relatives

Everyday Feminism has a list-article in which it notes seven reasons why children should never be forced to hug anyone, including relatives.
Here are the seven reasons why a child should not be forced to hug their grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, or parent, according to Everyday Feminism:

1. It Teaches Your Child That They Don’t Have Control Over Their Own Bodies, as if parents have absolutely no say in anything their child does.

2. It Implies That You (Or Adults in General) Have the Right to Touch Your Child How They Want, When They Want, as if hugging someone is the equivalent to raping them.

3. It Tells Them That Relatives Can’t Be Abusers, which makes no sense, of course.

4. It Disregards Your Child’s Comfort Zone, which actually does make some sense, but not nearly enough to save the article.

5. It Risks Dismantling Their Natural, Healthy Sense of Stranger Danger, as if relatives are strangers off the street.

6. It Ignores Any Important, Subtle Cues Your Child Is Trying to Tell You, which could be true, but implies that any time a child doesn't want to hug a relative, they are being raped.

7. It Sends the Message That Hugging (Or Physical Contact in General) Is the Only Way to Show Affection or Appreciation for Another Person, which makes no sense at all.


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