Toilet Paper Company Wishes Moms a Happy Fathers Day

Angel Soft, a company known for its toilet paper and tissues, has released a new ad thanking single mothers in honor of Father's Day.

The ad, titled "Happy Father's Day, Mom," shows a number of adults explaining how important it was for their mothers to be there after they faced great difficulties.

At the beginning of the piece, a man explains, "My father passed away when I was three. There were four of us kids in five years. So my mom had to raise four kids by herself."
The commercial then features other adults with similarly difficult stories. At the end of the ad, this message "Happy Father's Day, Mom," is shown.

The ad is odd, however, as single fathers are never mentioned. The focus is entirely on mothers, as if it is impossible to have men raise young children. It is also odd that Angel Soft thought it would be a good idea to celebrate mothers, not because they are mothers, but because it is Father's Day.

Angel Soft has not stated why they ran this ad now as opposed to near Mother's Day.

You can watch it below:


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  1. Thank you society...For once again taking potshots at fathers. Its so wonderful to understand just how much society truly values fathers roles.